The Award Winning Hikvision AX Pro Alarm System

AX PRO is both conventional and revolutionary, with proven wireless stability, a wide range of world-class products, and ease-of-use for users.

Simple setup, powerful protection – whether it’s for a business-owner’s property or a home-owner’s loved ones – bringing peace of mind every day, all day. Call today for a free consultation on 0480 341 011

Wireless Installation

No wires, no worries. The AX PRO system is flexible and installs easily with no wires.

Total Control Mobile App

Manage the whole alarm system easily via th Hik-Connect mobile phone App

Instant Intrusion Detection

The AX PRO detectors deliver precise indoor and outdoor detection day and night.

Fire and Water Leakage

The AX PRO makes homes safer as it provides fire and water leakage detection before disaster strikes

Award Winning

Powered by Hikvision’s IVaaS technology, owners can verify alarms by watching video clips or GIF imaging when away from the property ensuring total confidence

Intelligent Security

Intelligent control in homes with smart control devices, relays, outlets, and more. Integrate with other Hikvision devices, offering even more flexibility.
AX Pro Alarm System
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AX PRO Series

Complete Alarm Solution

Alarm System Verification

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